Online Counselling

Online counselling (also known as ecounselling or cyber counselling ) is a relatively new medium for offering personal support. In my practice all counselling sessions are delivered online and I also offer Supervision and Educational services online.

As a PACFA registered Clinical Counsellor, my practice is grounded within the PACFA Ethical Framework. Online counselling requires specific practices and takes some preparation by the client for client safety.

For many people, online counselling fits in with their busy lifestyle and is a useful way to receive support for a variety of problems and issues.

It is important to note that this form of counselling is not for everyone. It is not exactly the same as face-to-face counselling or therapy. It is not suitable if you are already working face-to-face with another counsellor or therapist. This service is not a crisis service so cannot be used without at least a 2 day lead up to the appointment. If you live outside Australia, particular laws may apply in your country regarding receiving counselling services. For example in the USA, counsellors must be licensed separately with each state.
On-line therapy is not intended for individuals with severe and enduring mental health difficulties or for those who are actively suicidal. It is also not for individuals who are in crisis, or who need an immediate appointment. If you feel you are in danger of harming yourself click here for emergency support contact details

If you are under 18 years of age Online Counselling is only available via this service if you have parental permission.

Advantages of Online counselling

You may find that you are able to speak more freely about sensitive or embarrassing issues. You can engage in counselling in the comfort of your own home or in a location where you have access to a computer and are able to ensure your privacy. It is easily accessible, especially for those who cannot, or choose not to leave their home to seek counselling. It also opens up your choice if you live in an area where there aren’t counsellors readily available. In Australia, distance and lack of availability of counselling in rural areas makes online counselling a useful option.

Online counselling can offer you several options:

There are three types of Online counselling:
Email counselling
Secure live Sessions using encrypted chat facilities (IM – instant messaging)
Voice, (audio only) or voice and webcam using the video link platform Zoom

This service only offers video link sessions with or without video (audio only), however, all of these mediums can be beneficial for counselling exchanges and other online counsellors do offer the email and chat (IM) services.

Click on the links below for more information about Online Counselling:

Important Points to Note about Confidentiality & Privacy

What equipment will I need and how will I prepare for an online counselling session?

How the session starts

Can I contact my counsellor between appointments?

What documentation can the counsellor provide?


The cost of an individual one-hour online counselling session is $181.50 (including GST).

Once a session has been booked, Clients will receive a Tax Invoice enabling payment to be made before the beginning of the counselling session, via Paypal or direct debit.

Clients will also receive an email containing a Zoom meeting link prior to the scheduled session.

Contact me to enquire about making an appointment for an online counselling session.