Important Points to Note about Confidentiality & Privacy

The counsellor-client relationship is one that should remain private.

This means that your name, other personal information or issues discussed during the counselling session cannot be shared with other people without your consent.

By law, however, there is certain information shared during the counselling session that the counsellor cannot keep confidential. This includes information regarding harming yourself or making serious threats against other people. 

As well, information regarding child abuse issues cannot be kept confidential.

The client, then, has the power to decide what information they will share with the counsellor.

The client is aware that certain information will not be kept confidential.

The client needs to be aware that there are limitations to the security of any activity in the online environment.

However, the counsellor will use best endeavors to make the online environment as secure as possible.

The Counsellor and client are strictly forbidden to record their online sessions without consent from both parties and the guaranteed security of the recording is clear.

The Zoom sessions are all encrypted for your security.