Professional Development and Wellbeing Workshops

I design and facilitate workshops for professionals, parents and students

This balances my counselling work and enables me to support my belief in the value of nurturing the counselling community..

It is an extension of, and based on, my clinical practice and embodies my love of learning. The training also draws on my experience lecturing and teaching counselling theory and practice.

Effective workshops rely on ‘walking the talk’, relating theory to my own practice. I get to know the material on an even deeper level.

These workshops are interactive and embrace the elements of adult education and invite experiential learning: connecting theory with practice. They draw on the experience of professionals in the room. The workshops also invite open discussion on the appropriate application of theory and its adaptation in an imperfect world.

It is also a chance to connect and network, something those in private practice particularly enjoy. An important goal is that participants leave the workshop with some new perspectives to reflect on and new tools to use.

The workshops are attended by a range of people in the helping professions, from counsellors, psychologists, mental health OTs, and social workers, through to teachers, nurses, doctors and physiotherapists.

For students in secondary schools I have also created workshops which are based on “The OK Zone”. This concept I have developed out of trauma theory, and focuses on elements of wellbeing, core sense of self, resilience, stress management and good sleep habits.

Some workshops are suitable for members of the public, parents and those who work in caring roles or volunteers.

Workshops can be commissioned around particular topics or applications of theory and that suit the needs of your organisation.

Professional Development Workshops