How I Work

Unless a person has suffered some form of brain damage, we all have the capacity and resources to manage: past traumas; grief from life’s deep losses; make relationships more secure and caring; find the solution to our problems and be true to who we are.

As a counsellor my job is to help you work out how to do that. But more than that, its also my job to sit with the messy uncertainty that can bubble up to the surface when we reflect and explore our emotions in the process of working out what to change or how to manage.

My approach is to focus on you and ‘walk beside’ you.  I meet you where you are at and with what works for you, as I believe you are your own expert.

Who knows you better than you do?

I help you to find a way to understand yourself more deeply and strengthen who you are at core. I work with your strengths, qualities and resources to rediscover or build new skills.

As counselling does not have access to mental health plans and I do not provide private health rebates, you can be certain that your sessions remain completely confidential. No one need know about your consultations other than me, if that is important to you.

All counselling session are delivered online video link (OVL) via the Zoom platform. See the Online counselling page for how this works. How the Online Counselling session starts

More About How I Work