What equipment will I need and how will I prepare for an online counselling session?

What equipment would I need to be able to do online counselling?

You need to be in a private space, where you can be uninterrupted while in a session with the counsellor.

You will need a fully charged or plugged in computer, laptop, or Tablet device (like an iPad or similar Android device) with internet access.

Your device will need a camera, or a webcam.

It is recommended that you use a headset or earbuds/pods, because this will help with clarity of sound, and give you more privacy.

It is helpful to have NBN, or a fairly fast connection .

Mobile phones or smart phones are not appropriate because the video picture is too small and unstable when held in your hand.

Before your first Online Counselling session:

The on-line space is different to in-person counselling, in that you are not meeting at the counsellor’s office or rooms.

Please note that before the first appointment booking can be made, an intake questionnaire and a counselling contract will be emailed to you.

These must be filled in, signed and returned to the counsellor.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the counsellor.

How to prepare for your session

  • Ensure you have paid the agreed counselling fee by direct debit or Paypal (a Tax invoice will be emailed to you prior to the session).
  • Ensure that the internet on your device has good internet connectivity and reliability. If using WIFI make sure it is secure.
  • Your device must be plugged in or fully charged
  • The device you use must have a camera, or a webcam.
  • Test your audio before the session so you know your mic is working.
  • Clean the camera lens so it is clear.
  • Have your ear phones or ear buds ready to use so others cannot overhear what the counsellor is saying to you. This also creates a much clearer and consistent audio for your counsellor.
  • Have a private space which is well lit and where you can guarantee that you will not be disturbed. This means that sessions cannot be conducted in a public area, such as a café or park, (wind noise can interfere with clear audio if you are outside).
  • Make sure you have scheduled a full hour for the session.
  • Arrange for a family member or a friend to be ‘on call’ during each session. Confirm with them that they are available, in case you need further support at any time (you will have nominated 2 support persons on your questionnaire form).