More About Counselling

Counsellors are trained in a range of evidence based processes that enhance the client’s sense of personal agency and assists them to enact these changes.

An experienced clinical counsellor walks beside the client’s complexity with deep ethical understanding of this change process, tailoring and interweaving the most appropriate evidence based approaches for that client with flexibility. The mature practitioner holds confidence in the client’s core capability, navigating the journey defined by the client.

Why seek counselling?

Often people feel they can be wearing their friends and family out with their problems, they want to work out how to get out of the impasse that comes from going around in circles. Some people want clarity on whats happening in their life. Some people want to change old patterns but don’t know how. Some people get hit by a catastrophe that is overwhelming and life shattering. It may be that no one knows how to navigate or everyone who may have been a support in the past is also affected and distressed. Counsellors are trained to help you navigate the journey of life’s inevitable changes, ‘reality slaps’ and traumas.

A counsellor provides a confidential safe space to work through current life issues and manage grief and trauma. You don’t have to go back into the past, unless you want to. Feeling in control of your life and being able to plan for the future is what most clients want.

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