How is Clinical Supervision delivered?

Clinical Supervision can be delivered within work time as a part of continuing professional learning support. The Clinical Supervision I offer will be undertaken during working hours via Zoom video link sessions (unless otherwise arranged).

A quiet space with video link, reliable internet connectivity and ear buds is all that’s required.

Individual sessions and groups (up to four supervisees) offer different benefits. Both are useful forms of delivery.

My suggestion is that a wellbeing team would benefit most from one group session each term with individual sessions in between.

Supervision sessions are commonly one hour in duration, sometimes longer depending on group size.

Sessions are usually held monthly and can be scheduled to suit the school calendar.

Privacy and confidentiality is maintained to build the trust necessary for open and honest reflection.

All supervisees are required to agree to a mutual supervision contract outlining responsibilities, of the supervisor and supervisee such as preparation, record keeping, reporting and payment.

Also agreed are mechanisms to manage issues relating to compliance with school, department and professional association ethics and conduct codes.

The agreement is signed off by management and supervisees.