Bringing Cyberspace into the Therapeutic Space Topic 1 – Engaging with Cyberspace

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Engaging with Cyberspace

When you notice two people on a date in a cafe, both looking down and scrolling through their phones, where are they?

Cyberspace is wildly popular because it offers what appears to be an open, free, and safe environment, in which you can observe (and engage with) a bewildering array of interpersonal behaviours. However the absorption of the digital zeitgeist can lead to a creeping sense of personal insufficiency and loss of self.

Underneath today’s presenting issues we often uncover attachment adaptations to be named, understood and updated – in particular a rising fear of intimacy. These relational issues can reveal the substantial impact that time spent in Cyberspace has on a client’s sense of self and real world relationships with others. This impact is now so large that we must attune to our client’s life in Cyberspace to be fully able to deliver effective therapy in this digital age.

The objective of this masterclass is to expand your practice skills and create new ways to help your client to connect their digital and real life experience.

Let’s explore how to connect safety in the real world to safety in Cyberspace and how essential this is to facilitate personal growth, build resilience, confidence and trust in self, on and off line.

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